The International Cardiac Arrest Registry

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What is INTCAR?

The International Cardiac Arrest Registry (INTCAR) is the world's largest registry of post-resuscitation cardiac arrest care. It is a research registry that allows members to participate in research groups of their own design and choosing. The members of INTCAR are hospitals and investigators dedicated to improving survival from and quality of life after cardiac arrest.

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INTCAR Member Locations

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Latest INTCAR News


Welcome to INTCAR version 2.0 - the new International Cardiac Arrest Registry!  Version 2.0, formally opened for data entry… more…

Join a research group, now!

INTCAR members should carefully consider whether to join a research group - all groups are now open for development… more…

Submit your proposals for INTCAR, now!

Members of INTCAR version 1.0 are invited to submit research proposals to the Steering Group - the 2500 patient… more…

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Registry Structure

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